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The urgency is such that I already create on the theme of climate urgency and resilience.

I will try not to give way too often to despair and to show also works that support us

and also speak of hope, of humanity that resists and invents.

Ice Cube

2018/2019, Happening, video, installation immersive installation, exhibition
Happening: Melting ice cubes pigmented with ink on white canvas. Immersive video installation based on these happening.

Exhibition of the canvases witnesses of these eventsevents.

Flowing current with his manipulations, exfoodstuffs, staged talks about warming climate change, melting ice caps and rising waters, submerging shorelines.
The video installation allows you to immerse the visitors and give them an emotional experience. What Flow Stream unfolds before our eyes isout of scale. Pigments reveal the movements some water. This installation offers an immersion in color and in the propagation movement. It starts from an ordered world, and makes us notice the inevitable transformation that the physical laws impose to the elements. With sounds of flow, driers, tide, whale songs, Flow current makes us live in very large format, melting ice, which grows imperceptibly first, to finish in a sudden spread, a general collapse in a breaking colors.