Avignon – Paris

Lifestyle change. Back to Paris. More house, more workshop or sporadically. Wandering and bohemian life.

Drastic change in production mode.

Intensification of work on computer, vector Illustrator and Photoshop.

Photographic notes and drawings. Mine of lead, watercolor. A4 sizes or card stock. Using free drawing, forgetting everything I had learned.

Approach of noetic authorization which will see its realization in the project “Renaissance”

Data Love  –  Arty Béton Focus Design – Fatehpur Shekhawati – Renaissance –  Mine noire – Les Bleus

7 Séries from 1 computer, 3 studios et 7 tables.
Studio at Les Frigos, 1 year 7 drawings,
Kitchen table aquarelle drawings, Rue du fbg St-Denis,
Table for everything, drawings, computer, Île St-Louis,
Studio at Le Bloc, concrete studio. squat de la Mousaïa,
Diner table, Mac, Rue de la Pompe,
Room table, aquarelle drawings, St Jean Le Thomas, Mont St Michael Baye,
Room table, aquarelle drawings, Genêt,
Living room table, computer, drawings, Rue du Pre St Gervais
Atelier des Épinettes – Paris
Room table, aquarelle drawings, Sarzeau, Morbhian Golf.