Ice Cube…The Twilight of the Gods

The videos taken during the action, will be projected in a immersive way to the public, therefor they can feel in their body what is called the positive feedback loops. Meaning that the phenomenes are increasing themeself. Likewise, the intrication phenomen, meaning evrythings are linked. All our actions do have effects, even as it is said the wing floap of a butterfly. We, human beeing and all the things on earth are connected. So thrue the journey of the pigments and the way they are playing together we can see that.
The video installation allows you to immerse the visitors and give them an emotional experience. What Flow Stream unfolds before our eyes isout of scale. Pigments reveal the movements some water. This installation offers an immersion in color and in the propagation movement. It starts from an ordered world, and makes us notice the inevitable transformation that the physical laws impose to the elements. With sounds of flow, driers, tide, whale songs, Flow current makes us live in very large format, melting ice, which grows imperceptibly first, to finish in a sudden spread, a general collapse in a breaking colors.

Such an emergency

Talking about climate change, melting ice caps and rising waters, submerging shorelines.
Icecube, The Twilight of the Gods, is a living , mooving and happening work. Flowing like this : I prepare molde and filled them with water and ink. Freez. Then, I laid them on diferents surfaces, wood, paint, paper... Let them melt on it, and they do...During the actions, some pictures and videos are recording. When evry things are over and dray we have the messing résult, which may be our futur if we don't change our praxi.
The mental switch has to be done now and provied act in the ethique way  we decided
The urgency is such that I create on the theme of climate urgency and resilience.  I try not to give way too often to despair and to show  works that support us, speaking about conscienceness, hope in a humanity that resists and invents.

IceCubes serie is an artistic approach in link with the knolwedges I get from scientific productions, speeking about  metling ice from pols and the submersion of the earth. We know that so many places are allready and will become unsuitable for living in. So many people have and will have to flee the climatic desaster.

We know that the order we have organised will be itself totaly submerged. So, we have all of us to prepare practicly and phlosophically to thoses event.

When I performe a IceCube artwork, the studio becomes a laboratory in which are playing the behavior of ice, water, flow releaved by the pigments.  The intention is to change the vison scale, so thrue those little ice cubes, we can see of the entire world of the water exchanges.   It is a great emotion to see the moving elements and their interactions. In the end, when all things are dry, the spotted canvases remain the witnesses of these events determined by physics. The old order has disappeared and everything is settled

2018/2019 Romainville    Happening, performance, installation, photos, video, installation immersive, exhibition of the résult of real phenomena
Happening : Melting ice cubes pigmented with ink on a support. Immersive video installation based on these happening. later canvases witnesses.