Svalbard 2019 a polar international residence

With the support of Madam the Ambassador of the Poles for the French State, former Minister, President of COP 21, Mrs. Ségolène Royal

Bertille Gentil  expedition with The Arctic Circle

The visual artist Bertille Gentil has been chosen by the Arctic Circle association to participate in a polar artistic and scientific expedition. She will embark with 30 other artists and scientists from all over the world aboard a sailboat of 3 masts and 50 m to sail to the Svalbard Islands, on the Arctic Ocean.The Arctic Circle is an international residency program bringing together international artists and all disciplines; architects, designers, as well as scientists, researchers and professors who collectively explore the Svalbard Archipelago and the Arctic Ocean in the High Arctic aboard a specially equipped Barquentine sailboat.

Initiated by the great Pole explorers

This project is the complete synthesis of her dreams ofher artistic practices and her commitment to environmental impact.
Reading the stories of the great explorers of the Poles gave her, from the youngest age, the desire to embark for the Far North. These men intrepid to insatiable curiosity, have transmitted to her the interest or an elsewhere populated other societies with different ways of living.
This dream, this thirst for discoveries and experiences are still alive in her. She will be able to be, thanks to your contributions, your emissary to bring you
her sensations, her ideas and the rare creations that’s follow.