Sila, in the Inuit language, means Universe, Intelligence, Wisdom </ pre>


For the whole of humanity,
it’s the moment of the Grand Choix
individual and collective.
Eros and Thanatos still in the running. </ P>

We are at the foot of the wall,
the catastrophe on the move.
Let’s continue at this rate and we will perish.
Let’s change praxis and we’ll live. </ P>

As an artist, intellectuals, we chose.
Choose to engage us,
chosen to participate in the awakening of consciences.
We chose to put our word,
our creation at the service of love, at the service of life . </ strong> </ p>

We want to prepare and support our minds
so that we find the strength to give up privileges
which we enjoy and which precipitate the world in agony.
We want to revisit our place in the Universe,
our relationship to Mother Earth, to all living beings.
Recognize that they are us and that we are them,
to love and protect them as ourselves. </ p>

We want to reduce the chasms of injustice between destinies.
May our artistic practices be the standard of our convictions.
We join everyone who already has their voices heard.
That together, we strengthen our common determination,
proposing philosophical, poetic concepts
and very practical too.
Awaken the conscience, not to suffer any more, to prepare us to face </ p>

the perils that threaten and anticipate us to act with intelligence, kindness and dignity. </ p>

May this wisdom allow us to appreciate again, the flavor of life in a certain simplicity. </ p>

Our personal and collective creation
is an intellectual survival manual, a common resource that gives us power over our lives.
Knowledge, creation, usability,
collaboration, daring and poetry are our allies. </ p>

“This perpetual reorganization this power of initiative
and transformation is freedom. “

André Gorz </ blockquote>

Let’s invoke the forces of Love and Spirit,
these huge and so renewable energies
who live in each one of us! </ p>

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