La pandémie de Covid-19 est une pandémie d’une maladie infectieuse émergente, la maladie à coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19), provoquée par le coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Elle apparaît le dans la ville de Wuhan, en Chine centrale, puis se propage dans le monde entier.

The world is no more than a hospital, which explodes everywhere, trains, boats, parking, in the air, the caregivers are busy at the height of activity, dedication, hard work, death, time, hours , minutes, seconds.

 Those who act, those on whom we depend, farmers, truckers, cashiers, housekeepers, firefighters are in a tense, dangerous, anxiety-provoking activity.


These women, these men look after us and feed us
Who cares for you if not your mother? Who gives you food, if not your family?
We are brothers and sisters, we see it in full light

Confined, the World has disappeared. He shirked. Fainted.

In the screens which only reflect it, it now seems to be populated

by heroic humans, ghostly in their anonymous combinations

Les rites funéraires ne sont plus observés         Funeral rites are no longer observed