France – India

The Renaissance project, which is constantly expanding, is vast and ambitious.

It traces the universally personal history of inner progress, of spiritual awakening.
It deals with human societies and their relationship to the world.
He talks about mysticism, philosophy and quantum physics.

The forms are and will be varied in their pictorial expressions, drawings, paintings, digital images, videos, installations, texts.
The genesis of the project:

My years of Parisian wandering correspond to the loss, to the material and sentimental stripping.
They also correspond to the enrichment and deepening of my knowledge of our human condition.

The objective conditions of production define their forms. Without studio, I had in my pocket, like everyone else, my Iphone that I use to take photographic and written notes.


The drawings I made on the corners of the table were digitized, integrated into my photos and worked on Photoshop.

The idea has germinated to gather my photographic notes, my drawings, my reflections, to make a work. A temporal and graphic thread unfolds the states of mind, the reflections, the emotions that have animated this inner journey open to the world.
Some have been waiting for several years to be printed in large formats and reworked, or not, acrylic or pastel.

Living and communicating for and through artistic practice, faithful to Jung’s conception, I give all pictorial forms the right to see the light without moral judgment or aesthetics. I need them to exist, to relate violence, fear, flight, insecurity, refuge, the immanence of things, our vain attachment, joy, love, freedom, benevolence.

The time has come when the series that compose it are born at the Atelier Serendipity that I have integrated this winter.

These works will be put online when they have been exhibited In Real Live.
Each of these series is connected with the others while having its own destiny.


Chapters of the project “Renaissance”
Chapter 1 – The Wild Woman –

The life of women. Holds the title of Pinkola Estés: “Women running with wolves” in which I drew the courage to run away from my house, which had become the shark’s mouth.
Beyond me are all my sisters who suffer daily the multiple damage caused by patriarchal societies to the female half of humanity.
Danger, fear, instinct for survival, courage, loneliness, sadness, dislocation, annihilation, abyss, survival, traps, mutual help, friendship, sex, Luck, dance, freedom, creation.
Series of drawings with the origin of the Dream of the Blue Bear.

Appearances, or how, we women, often find strength and comfort.
Female presence. Doll in the pocket.
Photos digital prints enhanced ink, pastels and acrylic.
Chapter 2 – Cinnabar Fields –

Chi, vital energy in Chinese and Japanese cultures – The Breath, Spiritus sanctus for the Christian West – Prana and Ojas for Indian philosophy.
Landscapes, meditative marches, drawings of telluric currents.
Photos digital prints enhanced ink, pastels and acrylic.
Chapter 3 – Blues –

Doctors drawings.

Chapter 4 – Minotaurs –

Minotaurs, sacred cows and labyrinth.
Or how myths are shared by cultures.
Photos digital prints enhanced ink pastels acrylic
Chapter 5 – Data Love –

Inspiring quantum physics.
Vector drawings digital prints
Chapter 6 – Special Collections –

Chapter 7 – The World in Truth – To be or not –

Smartphones, screens … The world at the fingertips, everything, places, knowledge, opinions, conflicts, chords, everything in this little object that holds in the hand of each of us all, all around the world. This quintessence of the human spirit and its disclosure which form the noosphere, the breeding ground of the noetic revolution.

A vertiginous and hypnotic phenomenon that this gigantic mise en abyss of our lives to all in the inexhaustible flow of the Data.
Flot in which I take what seems to me relevant from both a sociological and a poetic point of view, and which forms the raw material of my creation.