sentinelles en pleine conscience

At Climate Emergency    Artistic Emergency

An artist’s look

To take an artist’s look at this region is his first goal. Beyond fantasies and legends, the North Pole knows a hot news. Its geographical location, intersecting with newly opened sea routes due to melting ice and abundant geological and fishery resources, makes it an emerging global strategic area. These are the subject of many international desires that, if they are satisfied, will generate immeasurable destruction for the entire biosphere.

A haunted world

The works produced will shed light on this region of the world now haunted by the specter a major environmental disaster. All these acts of individual and collective creations, which will embody a true relationship with the ecosystems of the cluster, are the exceptional and unique contributionof this floating laboratory. Shipping and the polar stay provide a shared experience to participants in order address the critical issues ofour time through a plurality of perspectives.

Le mouvement SILA

This boreal adventure of Bertille Gentil has alreadygave birth to a movement at the confluence of thoughts and artistic actions, all emanating from the
civil society: the Sila movement – in the Inuit Universe, intelligence, wisdom -.

It’s in the company of this young collective that Svalbard 2019 will find its apogee, in 2020, whenof an event of Contemporary Art that will bring together
graphs, visual artists, scientists, ethnologists, and enlightened citizens.